Takeshi Academy Program

Class will be led by: Sensei Ken Hayashi

Martial Arts Credentials

Sensei Ken Hayashi, has over 25 years of martial art experience. He currently holds 4 separate black belts including 2nd Degree Wado Ryu Karate, 1st Degree Hapkido, 1st Degree WTF Tae Kwon Do and 1st Degree Ho Shin Moo Do.

He had instructed between 150-200 students every week at the World renowned International Institute of Martial Arts (aka IIMA) located in San Diego, CA.

His classes included teaching the 5-8 year old Beginner Sparring classes (Class size 40-50 students). The emphasis on this class was honing ‘Listening Skills’ and ‘Safety’. Since all students are beginners, this is where students are taught to be able to follow specific instructions accurately, so that the students do not end up injuring each other and learn to become comfortable with sparring.

Hayashi also taught the 9-13 year old Medium-Advanced Sparring classes (Class size 20-30 students). The emphasis on this class was ‘Discipline’ and learning ‘Control’. Although the sparring contact became much harder and eventually increases to medium to full contact, students are still instructed to ‘Respect’ each other as fellow martial artist and learned how to control their fighting contact. This class is where students are introduced to competition point fighting, full contact practical self-defense, dealing with bullies and the real application of the martial arts in at school and life.

All of his classes were conducted where, each parent were encouraged to observe the classes from the enclosed Parent Observation Seating Area.

Child Development Credentials

Hayashi has 20+ years training in Child, Personal Development and Neuro Linguistic Programming by the world renowned Tony Robbins and Robbins Foundation. He has worked with thousands of parents in assisting children, teens and young adults in the areas of focus, health, confidence and developing into maturity. His work includes adjusting to school environment, communicating with other students, becoming a leader at school, responsibilities in the home, respecting their parents and excelling in school. He takes a “No Excuse” approach to helping parents direct their own children on succeeding in school and life.

Nutritional & Alternative Medicine Credentials

He has been taught by the top leaders in nutrition and alternative medicines. Hayashi is certified in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) by the Callahan

Techniques, Ltd and trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) an acupuncture therapy in treating victims of severe trauma, rape, physical and mental abuse. He is also been certified by the American Red Cross in Emergency Victim First Aid and CPR.

He had owned and operated his own nutritional/health center and serviced over 6,000tclients/patients a month with staff of 15 on health, nutrition, increasing energy, mind focus, fitness, increasing muscle mass, weight loss and diabetic control.


Hayashi is also a father of four that all excel in academics, ballet and martial arts. And his two oldest twin daughters also hold a combined 7 World Karate Championship Titles in Japanese Traditional Forms and Weapons among other titles.