Millionaire By 26

What if, you were lied to your entire life? You did what your parents told you to do. You stayed in school and now your future is not as secure as you have been told. You don’t know what or who to believe? This book introduces students and young adults to the world of entrepreneurs, start-ups and home-based businesses that eventually grew in to multi-million dollar ventures. And it’s about how you too can apply simple everyday techniques to reach financial independence.

Millionaire By 26 will show you:

  • NEW!! How the Donald Trump’s reality show The Apprentice can make you rich.
  • Why simply thinking positive is NOT the answer to becoming rich.
  • How you can get millionaires to talk to you for hours about their life and their secret strategies.
  • What 3 main factors that you will absolutely need to master, in order to achieve success.
  • How to evaluate opportunities and the true secrets behind them.
  • Why listening to the right people is the key to creating and maintaining wealth.
  • How you can turn your current job in to a stepping stone to your financial independence even if it is a dead end job.