Takeshi Academy Program

For Young Men (Ages 13 to 23)


When it comes to discipline, there are many factors wherein people have a description of what they believe is discipline. Oftentimes, when it comes to understanding and becoming a master of advance techniques is just where discipline becomes an important factor. This is where the student learns to be disciplined enough to master the basics.

This training and working with the Sensei, the student soon becomes a Senpai where they have mastered the basic techniques so much that they have acquired the ability to teach and instruct other new students to the basics themselves.

In this stage of their life, the student has not only know the basics, they are able to teach the basics and have moved on to the stage where they are now learning advanced techniques and are able to apply advanced techniques in various circumstances and situations. They are now an advanced student because they have become proficient at the basics and the master can actively observe them actively applying the basics in their everyday life as well as their martial arts.


Students are taught in how to effectively communicate with academic instructors, parents, fellow students, friends, different social groups, bullies and females. This is where the student are introduced to the concept of understanding importance of social interactions, status and ability to influence others is equal to or often times more important than intelligent, book smart, talent and skill. Students are taught step by step communication methods along with reading materials and homework to apply these techniques to their regular environment outside the dojo.

Program includes


  • Warrior Mentality
  • Goal setting
  • Focus
  • Finding what you are destined to do

School / Work environment

  • Career
  • Getting the most out of your work and environment
  • Becoming a leader / go-to person at work


  • Financial independence
  • Credit building
  • Credit repair
  • Finding investors to your projects

Martial Arts

  • Street fighting
  • Fighting multiple attackers