Takeshi Academy Program

For Boys (Ages 5 to 12)


Often parents complain that their child does not respect them, they do not do what they’re told, they are disinterested in school and/or other activities, they don’t help around the house, they are constantly fighting with their siblings and not listening whenever they ask them the simplest of tasks. However, oftentimes this all has to do with the foundation of respect, honor, and discipline.

If that is not being taught at home, which oftentimes it never is with today’s hectic schedules, any martial art program is where a Sensei/Master is necessary to be able to assist the parents in instilling these qualities to the child itself. A very ‘Asian’ philosophy that is recognized on the surface as something admired, yet politically incorrect to point out that this is something that parents welcome as accepted practice from the East.

In the public school system, this is often frowned upon. However today, more and more American parents are more helpless from having children with the ‘Entitlement’ mentality. That the child is needs to be served by the teachers, government and their parents; and tiptoeing around them constantly to entertain them around the broken school system that allows children to fail, then the child quickly blames everyone else for failures.

This program will show your child to respect you, for all the hard work that you have done up until now to give your child the best possibility for future success. And for them to finally recognize your efforts and to appreciate everything that you have done up to this point.

We also teach children safety awareness, defense strategies and non-violent conflict resolution skills.

Class will be once per week with an emphasis on learning: Stretching, warm-up, forms, sparring and close combat defense against bullies and strangers.

Program includes

Students also learn, drilled and follow rules such as:


  • Learn to be respectful and obey parents
  • Never talk back to your parents combatively
  • When parents tell them to do something, they do it
  • They do not fight with their siblings or create unnecessary conflict

Academics / School Environment

  • How to concentrate, focus and pay attention to become a better student
  • How to make school interesting and exciting
  • How to effectively complete homework
  • Learn how to concentrate and take tests effectively
    • Bonus: Our instructors specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities


  • How to make high school the best years of your life
  • How to communicate with teachers
  • Becoming a leader among your peers
  • How to communicate with different groups at school including peers, friends, bullies or antagonists
  • Interacting with various girls at school, including but not limited to high status girls, female friends and girlfriends

Goals and Life Skills

  • Defining your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to decide on their future that will give the most fulfillment
  • Determining whether a university, trade school, military, the arts or directly going into the work force is right for them after high school

Martial Arts

  • Becoming a Boy with Confidence. That prevents bullies from isolating your child to become a victim of an assault
  • Safety Awareness Education
  • Regional, National and World sport and competition karate coaching
  • How to fight and deal with bullies
  • Forms, sparring, weapons
  • Included Bonus
    • How to fight if you are jumped by multiple attackers
    • Bonuses (If Needed)
      • Weight Loss
      • Energy
      • Nutrition