Ken Hayashi has 25+ years as a martial artist, peak performance karate coach, health and nutritional practitioner and business consultant. His clients include World Karate Champions, doctors, attorneys, millionaires, billionaires and real estate tycoons including Donald Trump and Trump Organization.


Martial Art and Instructor Credentials

He currently holds 4 separate black belts, including 2nd degree in Wado Ryu Karate from International Institute of Martial Arts, a Hapkido 1st Degree, WTF Tae Kwon Do 1st Degree and Ho Shin Moo-Do 1st degree black belt.

He has instructed 150 students every Saturday at the World renown International Institute of Martial Arts (aka IIMA)
located in San Diego, CA. Hayashi instructed the children, teens and adults; from beginner through black belts on point sparring through bare knuckle full contact fighting, practical self-defense, bullying in schools and how to deal with bullies, the mind set to have in a hostile situation and the real world application of the martial arts.

He has trained, trained with, sparred and had live Hapkido demonstrations with US Marines and Ex-Marines at the Skilled Fighting Arts Institute in Encinitas, CA, conveniently located 20 minutes from Camp Pendleton. He has also coordinated full contact matches with members of the Marine Core Martial Art Program (aka MCMAP) and Civilian Black Belts. He has also conducted women and family self-defense workshops to non-martial artists on what to do in a dangerous situation and how to prevent becoming a victim.


Martial Arts Coaching Credentials

■ World Karate Competition Team Coach to 50 Competitors Annually
■ 2012 Coached and produced 15 World Champions
■ 2013 Coached and produced 17 World Champions
■ 2014 Coached and produced 13 World Champions

Alternative Health/Medicine and Treatment Credentials

He has been taught by the top leaders in nutrition and alternative medicines. Hayashi is certified in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) by the Callahan Techniques, Ltd and trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) an acupuncture therapy in treating victims of severe trauma, rape, physical and mental abuse. He is also been certified by the American Red Cross in Emergency Victim First Aid and CPR.

He had owned and operated his own nutritional/health center and serviced over 6,000 clients/patients a month with staff of 15 on health, nutrition, increasing energy, mind focus, fitness, increasing muscle mass, weight loss and diabetic control. He has had massive results with Clients that have been weaned off of dangerous drugs and documented weight losses of up to 100 lbs per client.

He has spoken on stage at the Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing in the La Costa, CA to audiences which included attendees such as Dr. John Grey (Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus Series) and Mark Victor Hansen (Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series).

Child Development Credentials

He has worked with thousands parents in assisting children, teens and young adults in the areas of focus, health, confidence and developing into maturity. His work includes adjusting to school environment, communicating with other students, becoming a leader at school, responsibilities in the home, respecting their parents and excelling in school. He takes a “No Excuse” approach to helping parents direct their own children on succeeding in school and life.

Parents often complain that their child is non-motivated, cannot get them to do anything, assist them around the home, not responsible, child becomes confrontational, does not listen well and/or have a short attention span. Parents typically take the easy route and quickly blame everyone else for their problems they are encountering with their child and look for the quick fixes. Including, but not limited to having their children take mind controlling drugs with dangerous side effects. When the real reason behind the difficulties the parent is having with the child is actually is due to lack of proper direction that is stemming from the parent themselves. He has had documented transformational results with children with learning, developmental and physical disabilities, without the use of drugs or surgeries.

Hayashi has extensive training in Personal Development and Neuro Linguistic Programming by the world renowned Tony Robbins and Robbins Foundation. He has directed 200 Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power attendees to walk on fire. As well as directed 30 ,T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind attendees to break an arrow with the soft part of their throat. He continues to be the key note speaker to universities and high schools, including the Future Business Leaders of America Association.

Hayashi is a father of four that all excel in academics, ballet and martial arts. All of Hayashi’s biological children are full contact fighters, martial art performers and his two oldest twin daughters hold a combined 7 World Karate Championship Titles in Japanese Traditional Forms and Weapons among countless other titles.

Business Consulting Credentials

Ken Hayashi’s educational products that have generated tens of millions of dollars in business and at one time he had retired at age 26. He has owned multiple businesses including a direct marketing company, a nutritional health center and foreign currency hedge fund that traded over $80 million dollars a month in trading transactions.
His literary and artistic works include an Off-Broadway play produced in New York, he was a Segment Producer of two Emmy Awards Shows and his book on personal development and business, is available on Amazon and most major bookstores. He has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, ESPN, E! Television, Fox TV and countless Japanese TV shows.



Millionaire by 26: Secrets to Becoming a Young, Rich Entrepreneur
■ This book introduces students and young adults to the world of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and home-based businesses that eventually grew into multi-million dollar ventures. Available on Amazon.

How to Earn Up to $1,000 a Week Mailing Sales Letters from Home
■ Step by step program on building a successful direct marketing business. 150,000 copies sold.

■ Playwright about two Los Angeles city gang members who spend a night, waiting it out in a dirty alley after they kill an opposing gang member. Produced as an Off-Broadway play in NYC. Selected for the Young Playwrights Festival by the Dramatists Guild.



He has studied abroad program in Japan; attended Oxford University in the UK, majoring in Literature & English with a minor in Classical Theater History. He also attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.